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Hardware Course Demo and Outline

COMPUTER HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE course consist of 30 lessons. You must complete them all to get certificate.

Computer Basic Concepts

Introduction to computer

History of computer

Analog vs. Digital, and Hybrid
Mainframe computer

Mini Computer

Micro Computer

Super Computer

Generation of Computer
Numbering Systems

Environmental Concerns
System Board
Power Systems
Portable Computer Systems
PC Component Review

Memory Architecture
Physical Memory
Logical Memory
Memory Optimization
Memory Troubleshooting

Disk System Architecture
Storage Types
Floppy Disk Systems
IDE Disk Systems
SCSI Disk Systems

Expansion Bus Architecture
What is a Bus?
Expansion Bus Features
8-Bit Bus (PC Bus)
Industry Standard Architecture (ISA)
Micro Channel Architecture (MCA)
Extended ISA (EISA)
VESA Local Bus ((VL-Bus)
Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)
Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) Bus

Peripheral Devices
Input Devices
Output Devices
Computer Display Devices
Other Peripherals
Interfaces and Print Media

Installation and Upgrades

Motherboard components

Motherboard installation
Computer Disassembly
Computer Reassembly

Ram installing

Different types of card installation

Memory installations

Power supply cable

Using of different ports and slots
Device Installation

Operating Systems
Types of Software
Operating System Terms and Concepts
“Classic” Operating Systems
Other Current Operating Systems
The Windows XP Interface

Window 7

Window 8


Window 10
All types of Windows Interface
The Command Prompt
Windows Configuration and Management
Installing and Using Windows XP

System requirement

Windows interface
Installation Prerequisites
Preparing the Computer for Installation
Performing a Windows XP Installation
Configuring Windows XP Software
Windows Management

Installing and Using Windows 7

System requirement
Installing Windows 7
Upgrading to Windows 7
Logging on to Windows 7

Window interface
Windows 7 System Information
Modifying Windows 7 Settings

Installing the hardware drivers

Disk management Systems

Control panel

Installing and Using Windows 8 and 8.1

System requirement
Installing Windows
Upgrading to Windows
Logging on to Windows

Window interface
Windows 7 System Information
Modifying Windows 7 Settings

Installing the hardware drivers

Disk management Systems

Control panel

Installing software through window store

Application Installation and Configuration
Application Basics
Installing Applications
Repairing or Uninstalling Applications
Using and Configuring Additional Peripherals

Windows Printing Configuration
Installing Peripheral Drivers
Preventative Maintenance
Backing Up Your Data
Guarding Against Virus Attacks
Creating and Using and Emergency Disk

Configuring Network Software
MS Networking Basic
Installing Networking Software
Using Shared Resources
Networking and the Internet

Configuring Internet Access Software
Software Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Steps
Common Window’s Problems
Troubleshooting Utilities

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