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Google Blogger Complete Training

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Google Blogger course consist of 60 lessons. You must complete them all to get certificate.

Complete Course outline

  1. Introduction to blogger
  2. Create Gmail account for blogger
  3. First user interface of Blogger
  4. Dashboard understanding
  5. First Post
  6. Add media on post
  7. Templates Customization
  8. Basic setting
  9. Post, comments and sharing settings
  10. Email, Language and Formatting settings
  11. Search Preferences and other settings
  12. Creating SEO Friendly post
  13. Creating post using key word planner
  14. Working on Pages
  15. How to add Page on blog
  16. Creating Label/Categories
  17. Navigation bar
  18. Footer configuration
  19. Side bar configuration
  20. Download and upload blogger professional templates
  21. Create Favicon and add on blog
  22. Header file Configuration
  23. Add logo on Blog and Logo settings
  24. Primary menu and drop down button
  25. Add link on drop down menu
  26. Make slider image using Photoshop
  27. Add slider images in websites
  28. Slider image text and add link on slider images
  29. Create contact us form
  30. Add map on contact us page
  31. Add social button on blog
  32. Add social link on social button
  33. Add twitter tweet plugin on blog
  34. Add Facebook page plugin
  35. Add google plus page plugin
  36. Add Youtube subscribe button in blog
  37. Configure blog sidebar and top menu text
  38. Add and configure sidebar on blog
  39. Add image with link in blog sidebar
  40. Working on post area and its configuration
  41. Add your side on feed burner
  42. Feed burner settings
  43. Link blog with google analytic ID
  44. How to change blog background colour
  45. How to change blog navigation style and Colour
  46. How to change blog post number style
  47. How to change blog read more button style
  48. Social share button on blog
  49. Disable right click on blogger
  50. Disable selection in blogger
  51. Best google search engine and SEO tips
  52. Add website on google search engine
  53. Add website on Bing and yahoo search engine
  54. Understanding Bing and google web master tools
  55. Create site map and add on google and Bing webmaster tools
  56. Hosing and domain
  57. Get free domain for 1 year
  58. Download backup of your blogger
  59. Setting up a custom domain name

Running your blog in custom domain name

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Certificate Sample


These are the students which completed course with extraordinary Marks.